I'm on the right, posing with Koastal Klash. This was the first time Playmakers Wanted jerseys were on stage. Thank you MattieJ & CarbonFin


To express the gamer lifestyle.


Playmakers Wanted provides a medium for gamers to express the feeling of a clutch play, close call, nail-biting finish, or the humor of an epic fail. We remember our video games fondly and even more importantly the people we gamed with and those times in our lives. To a gamer, our memories are defined just as much by the game we are playing during that time, as it is by our current life stage; whether it be high school, college, a certain job, where you lived, or the people in your life at the time, the game we played during those moments is what connects it all.

Money's Worth Guarantee

We want to make a real guarantee. Something we care about and actually want to deliver on time and time again. Ultimately, the thing that is most important to us is that all our customer's feel and believe they got their money's worth with their Playmakers Wanted purchase. That's all we strive for and if we fall short, reach out to us, and we will do whatever we can to make it right.


No Noobs Allowed

Okay, you're allowed ... but at least sit up straight.

mouse and keyboard close up web 400x400

Countless Hours

We know gaming because we have spent countless hours playing on battle.net ... on the first day battle.net existed. We're getting old.

PS4 controllers 400x400

Since the Start

Okay, we didn't play Atari, but we have gamed since NES and all the way through PS4. I wonder where all my games are? Probably in my parents' attic.

Victory 400

For the Love of the Game

We created Playmakers Wanted not because we are a merchandising company that wants to enter into the gaming market; but rather, because we are gamers that know all about the merchandising market, I hope.