1 Year Anniversary!

Has it been one year already? In June of 2019 we released the first version of our jersey designer. During that month we had just shy of 700 website users. We were excited! We closed out our best month of May 2020 yesterday at over 16,000 website users. We are … well … beyond excited.…

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Increase your Twitch revenue by 198%

Twitch Monthly Giveaway Revenue Growth A streamer friend of ours purchased ONE Playmakers Wanted product for each of three consecutive months. We compared that three month period to the two previous non-giveaway three-month periods. Order Design Package Now View all products Devil’s Advocate Playing devil’s advocate to our own sales pitch is probably stupid, but…

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Create Your Team’s Custom Esports Jersey

Esport jersey maker

You finally made it! Your team has faced numerous opponents and walked away the champion each time. Your esports career is taking off and your team is about to take the next big step into the limelight. But what will you wear? Look no further! You have just stepped into a realm of greatness, where…

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Long Sleeve Gaming Jerseys Have Arrived

Long Sleeve Gaming Jerseys Purple

Designing Long Sleeve Gaming Jerseys Personally, I wasn’t a huge long sleeve fan. However, our graphics department did an extraordinary job with the design of our new long sleeve gaming jerseys. You can now create a long sleeve version of all 30 short sleeve jersey design templates with the same customization freedom. You can create…

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Raster Vs Vector Images

Raster vs Vector example

Understanding the significance of a raster vs vector image is an important concept when purchasing custom apparel. In the apparel printing industry, we require that all logos be in a vector format. Such formats include; .svg, .ai, and a few others. Raster images are pixelated and as you increase the size of those images the…

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Gaming T-shirts Customized for your Stream, Club or Clan

Brand Yourself Like it’s 2020 This isn’t a t-shirt for the faint of heart and certainly not your father’s tee. Old fashioned cotton t-shirts? C’mon. Step up your merch game with modern fabric and printing processes. Our gaming t-shirts are made of the same fabric as our jerseys and produced using the same process. We…

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Pro Gaming Jerseys Make on Stage Debut

WHF Pro Gaming Jerseys

The Scene is Set Playmakers Wanted will never forget what it felt like walking into Barclay’s Arena in Brooklyn for the ESL One Mobile open and seeing both teams wearing Playmakers Wanted pro gaming jerseys on stage. It looked amazing, if we do say so ourselves. Both teams were lined up across a wide stage…

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Clash Bashing Exclusive Interview

It’s been in the works for quite some time now, but Playmakers Wanted is happy to announce Clash Bashing as an official endorser and affiliate. You can check out his channel which recently surpassed 300K subscribers. We have been waiting to launch a new series where we interview “playmakers” within the community to hear their…

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CarbonFin WHF Jersey on Full Display

Playmakers Wanted could not be more pleased with the kind gesture and words from CarbonFin. It was completely unexpected for him to show off his WHF jersey in this manner. If you play Clash of Clans and haven’t yet watched or heard of CarbonFin, you are missing out. His channel features elite level play from…

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Clash with Eric One Hive | Gaming Jersey

Eric is a professional Clash of Clans player. You can view his youtube channel, Clash with Eric, where he is approaching yet another milestone of 100,000 subscribers. He has already won two of three ESL mobile open championships in the U.S. pro cup in 2019. Eric provides world class level analysis on his channel consistently.…

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