Create Your Team’s Custom Esports Jersey

You finally made it! Your team has faced numerous opponents and walked away the champion each time. Your esports career is taking off and your team is about to take the next big step into the limelight. But what will you wear? Look no further! You have just stepped into a realm of greatness, where quality custom esport jerseys are the order of the day! What's better is the super easy do-it-yourself designer that's loaded with 30 appealing design templates for you to choose from.

Choose your design and create your own custom jersey.
Esport Jersey Design Templates

But don't take our word for it, just have a look at what one of our many satisfied customers has to say.

"I spent two weeks playing with other sites and designs and your site was by far the best so thank you for making it, in my opinion, the best site for esports jerseys. Truly makes me feel great about moving forward and continuing to use this company!" (sic)

RedEye_DeadEyeToday COO

Designing Custom Jerseys

Using the Designer is a fun process with immediate feedback to see if your color ideas work or not. Above all, you don't have to wonder what your custom jersey will look like. The preview shown is immediately updated with your preferences as you choose them. The custom jerseys ordered are made exactly like the image you see. So make 110% sure that you are happy with your look before placing your order. If you don't like what you see, you just choose another color or design, simple as that.

Although you can choose from popular color combinations you can also create your own combination to suit your style/team. Furthermore, you can add your team logo/name, your own name, player number or your country flag on the jersey. Any or all, it is totally up to you! Besides this, you can even customize the print location your jersey names/logos will appear. However, it is important to note that logos have to be in the format of vector images. You can read more about why and how to convert your logo to a vector image here.

Look and feel like a Pro

The quality of the jerseys speaks for itself with pro teams and popular content creators, like Carbonfin, Eric - OneHive, Clash Bashing and WHF, to name but a few, have used the designer to create their own custom jerseys for themselves and their teams. Wearing their custom jerseys at events/competitions, the teams not only ARE professionals, but LOOK like it too.

Help when you need it

And if it so happens that you "drop a stitch" in your customization process, and need some help, feel free to contact us by using the messenger button, situated conveniently at the bottom right of your screen.

To conclude, I had a go at making my own custom esport jersey and had a blast! I love this design. In fact it looks amazing in my favorite colors. What do you think?

Customize your own esport jersey now and share your unique look with us on Twitter.