The CDC recommends wearing a cloth face mask while in public.

Custom Surgical Style Cloth Face Masks


Help slow the spread of COVID-19

Keep your company and clients safe with our professional custom cloth face masks.

  • Minimum Order Quantity of 25 Units
  • Customizable
  • Washable
  • Re-usable
  • ~14 Business day production + ship
  • Filter Pad Pouch (FIlters sold separately)

Pursuant to the CDC's new recommendation that everyone should wear a cloth face cover in public settings, we are proud to introduce our custom cloth face mask with custom logo. The Playmakers Wanted mask is designed for non-medical settings and is perfect for work or personal use.

Google Chromebook custom surgical style cloth face mask
Google Chromebook custom surgical style cloth face mask 2
Google Chromebook custom surgical style cloth face mask 2

Around ear and around head elastic options can be designed here.

Custom Face Mask
Face mask custom logo


Mask fabric is sublimation printed with your choice of color and artwork. Both front and back of the mask will be decorated with your graphics – and will read properly on the face or hanging on the chest.   Great for corporate logos and colors. Solids are great too – any color.

Cloth Face Covering Triple Layer Protection


100% Poly-performance interlock construction featuring 15 inch bias tape straps, 2-ply construction and 4.8 x 3.6 (inch) compartment for a filter pad (filter pad sold separately).

Face Mask 3D Contoured Design


Comfortable Surgical Style Face mask with Filter Pouch

Custom Cloth Face Mask

Upload Your Logo

If you are adding your custom logo to our custom cloth face mask designer then we will need high quality graphics. We require vector graphics for all jobs. Vector graphics differ from raster (pixelated) graphics in that you are able to scale vector graphics infinitely without losing resolution. This is useful for many applications, not just face masks. If your logo is raster, don't worry, we will vectorize it for you once and for all.


Cloth Face Mask Templates

Once you have your logo as a vector graphic or if you are placing an order without your custom logo, then you can move on to your custom cloth face mask design! To start, you can apply your custom colors, move them to different locations of the mask, and choose which you believe looks the best. Once you've completed your custom cloth face mask you can adjust the quantity, receive bulk discounts, and place your order.

Face Mask Printing

Once your order is placed we prepare it for the printer. We use a large format dye sublimation printer to print directly onto, basically, a sheet of paper. One key benefit of using this method is you are not limited by colors. You are able to use any color possible in your custom cloth face mask design!

After the mask is printed to transfer paper, it is heat applied to the blank, white, polyester fabric that makes up the fabrication of the gaming jersey. The ink is most literally pressed into the fabric. This is why the masks are so vibrant!

Cut & Sew

This step is exactly as it sounds. We now have something that doesn't look entirely like a cloth face mask. We have moisture management fabric with your custom cloth face mask design pressed into it. From there, we cut the mask to shape and sew it together, package it, and ship it out.