Increase your Twitch revenue by 198%

Twitch Monthly Giveaway Revenue Growth

A streamer friend of ours purchased ONE Playmakers Wanted product for each of three consecutive months. We compared that three month period to the two previous non-giveaway three-month periods.

Giveaway Data
Giveaway Product Ideas

Devil's Advocate

Playing devil's advocate to our own sales pitch is probably stupid, but we want streamers and orgs to grow using our platform, merchandising, and giveaway programs. So we don't mind keeping it real.

First, our scientific experiment is not very scientific at all. We did a case study on exactly one streamer over a three month period. If the results weren't so overwhelmingly positive, we wouldn't be so eager to publish what we've learned.

Second, our crash test dummy was already an established streamer with over 15K followers.

Should I Do It?

Q: Is the growth 100% because of our product giveaway?
A: No, there is natural growth to deduct, so deduct 8%. Still equals 190% in our case study

Q: What's the cost for the giveaway?
A: $200.00 Limited Time Offer

Q: What's it come with?
A: 1 Logo vectorization, 5 free designs, merchandise store set up, 3 products of your chosing

Q: How many subs do I need to break even?
A: Over the course of 3 months, about 100 total subs or 33 per month.

Q: How many followers should I have before I start?
A: Uhhh, enough to reasonably believe you can add at least 33 new subs. 5,000?

Q: What's the store look like?
A: Like this

Q: Is the store also a fundraiser?
A: Yes, you can also earn revenue for each sale. Learn more