Just Ordinary

Do you like unicorns and rainbows? If not, hopefully you will soon.

We hustled. We stressed. We delivered jerseys to Just Ordinary to wear for their ESL competition in Poland. Come to find out, we were thinking too big. Our unicorn, that is. The team couldn't wear their new jerseys because the size of the unicorn logo was too large per ESL regulations. Oops.

If you haven't met Just Ordinary before, here's the run down. At the top of their game in April, they finished ranked #1 globally in the first ever Clash of Clans CWL clan rankings. That’s some high expectations. They backed that performance with a 9th place finish for the May season.

These dominating performances earned Just Ordinary a trip to Poland for ESL qualifiers aiming to participate in the world championship this October. Unfortunately, this time around, the squad fell one star short of qualifying.

The jerseys that never were:

While our jerseys never saw the light of day, our unicorn did. Truth be told, if I had to pick a reason as to why the jersey above couldn't be worn, I'd say the unicorn being too large would top the list. Maybe it's not about the size of the unicorn, but if it is, we can hang our heads high. Here's a few images below highlighting Just Ordinary and their unicorn in Poland.

It may not have worked out as we planned, but at the very least Just Ordinary made fans with Playmakers Wanted. Hopefully you guys can compete once more for a chance at the finals this fall. I know I'll be cheering you on, jerseys or not.

Check out Clash with Godblin from Just Ordinary as he posts recaps and 12vs12 triples on a regular bases.