Long Sleeve Gaming Jerseys Have Arrived

Designing Long Sleeve Gaming Jerseys

Personally, I wasn't a huge long sleeve fan. However, our graphics department did an extraordinary job with the design of our new long sleeve gaming jerseys. You can now create a long sleeve version of all 30 short sleeve jersey design templates with the same customization freedom. You can create your jersey with your brand and in your colors without the hefty graphic design fees.

Lead Times & Pricing

While our short sleeve jerseys have a 15 day lead time, our long sleeve jerseys actually take slightly longer with a 15-20 business day lead time. Bear this in mind as you're placing your order. If you are in a hurry for your jerseys, then you should lean towards the short sleeve styles. A single long sleeve jersey will start at $74.99 and be discounted with each additional unit purchased.

Transform Your Stream with a Professional Look

It's no secret, that no matter the profession, proper attire makes a huge difference. Whether a medical professional in a lab coat, a restaurant's staff, or a sale's team at a convention, how you dress makes a huge impact. Perhaps it is the first impression on your viewers. Let your Twitch or Youtube followers and subscribers know that you mean business by looking the part. Every single one of our jerseys were designed with the gamer in mind. Your viewers will see the dedication and be more engaged with your channel.

Graphic Design for Logos

If you've already purchased a short sleeve jersey with your custom logo, remember, you will never have to pay for the vectorization of that logo ever again. You can apply the logo to any of our products, including our new long sleeve jerseys, without incurring any additional costs. We want to outfit gamers, not nickel and dime the community for the same logos over and over again! Your personal logos will be saved on your account and can be added to any product using the "Browse My Files" button on our design studio.