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No Dip League | Clash of Clans

It didn't take long for Playmakers Wanted to realize why No Dip League has been such a success. The administrative staff has been incredibly pleasant and easy to work with. Which makes us very proud to announce that we are their official jersey worn by their admins and founders.

No Dip League organizes fair play competition broken down into 6 separate divisions. Each division has different criteria for the amount of each town hall level required for your clan to participate. They were ahead of their time, years ago, when they first developed their "no dip" concept and created the league. Until No Dip League, Clash of Clans competitive wars consisted of mixed town hall levels in a free for all on battle day. Much of the strategy in these wars, consisted of "bully attacks" where higher town hall levels would attack inferior bases for easy three stars. This not only stagnated the development of higher level attacks, but made for a boring broadcast.

It could be argued that the NDL helped pave the way for, what is now, modern Clash of Clans Esports and perhaps we wouldn't be where we are today without the help from their innovative league format. Playmakers Wanted is excited to see what future formats will arise with the emergence of esports in the Clash of Clans realm.

Here's a look at their official esports jersey.

Custom Jerseys

This No Dip League esports jersey is available for purchase here. You can customize it with your name, country flag, and more. Or maybe you want to customize an entirely different esports jersey with your clan logo and colors. No problem, start designing your unique custom esports jersey here.

Interested in more information about this league? Contact them on either Discord or Twitter @No_Dip_League .