Pro Gaming Jerseys Make on Stage Debut

The Scene is Set

Playmakers Wanted will never forget what it felt like walking into Barclay's Arena in Brooklyn for the ESL One Mobile open and seeing both teams wearing Playmakers Wanted pro gaming jerseys on stage. It looked amazing, if we do say so ourselves. Both teams were lined up across a wide stage at their gaming stations preparing for the imminent match, only minutes away. We may have been the only people there more worried about how they look than how well they are going to perform, but that's our job! I think.

WHF Pro Gaming Jerseys

WHF versus Koastal Klash

The match was exciting. Koastal Klash produced five quality attacks, but were unable to break through with that coveted triple. WHF, the eventual champion, had some tough luck early, but were bailed out by their leader, Lexnos (pictured above). He erased all their mistakes by producing a game-changing triple on WHF's final attempt. That's what an ePlaymaker is all about!

Reducing the Cost of Pro Gaming Jerseys

What makes our jersey different than others? Well, first of all, we have 30 stock jersey templates, both short sleeve and long sleeve. The designs range in complexity to accommodate all gamer's individual taste. The advantage here, is you are able to create a unique custom pro gaming jersey, but without the additional graphic design costs. Working with a graphics designer and creating a gaming jersey design from scratch can cost anywhere from $100 to $500 depending on which package you utilize. However, we avoid those costs, but providing our templates to you, for free. All you need to do is upload your logo and change them to your colors.

Final Words

The entire trip was a lot of fun. We enjoyed finally meeting all of the Clash of Clans content creators and both teams. It's exciting to see where this game will lead us next and how much further the mobile esports world can go. Until then, hopefully we will see more Playmakers Wanted pro gaming jerseys on stage for future events.