Raster Vs Vector Images

Understanding the significance of a raster vs vector image is an important concept when purchasing custom apparel. In the apparel printing industry, we require that all logos be in a vector format. Such formats include; .svg, .ai, and a few others.

Raster images are pixelated and as you increase the size of those images the quality of the image will deteriorate and the pixelation will become more and more evident. This will create a poor jersey design. 


Pixelated Riot Raster


Vector Riot

Autotracing Vs Manual Tracing

It's easy to see the difference between the two designs. The vectorized version is infinitely scalable. It can grow to any size and sustain the exact same quality output. So now the question for you, is if the autotraced (free) version passes your own personal quality control standard. If you are satisfied with the output, then you can download the file from one of many online autotracing tools and upload it to Playmakers Wanted.

If you have multiple logos on your jersey, you can vectorize all of them in this way; saving yourself $15 per. It was a very difficult decision for us regarding this $15 manual vectorization fee. We could autotrace your designs for no charge, and make subjective decisions for each logo on whether it is good enough or not. However, to use, we strive for perfection and since a vector logo is permanent, it needs to be proper from the start. It is for that reason that we have no choice but to offer a manual (wonderfully perfect) service for $15; however, we would be remiss if we didn't inform our customers of such easily accessible free options. 

Autotracing on Playmakers Wanted

Eventually, we would like to include an autotracing feature directly on our website, but for now we will rely on our friends from vectorizer.io. We tested multiple service providers, and they seem to produce the best results. If vectorizer isn't producing an image to your liking, then you could also try Vector Magic.

One Final Look at Raster Vs Vector Conversions

Raster vs Vector example