Terms of Service

SigmaWear and its affiliated brands ("Playmakers Wanted") want to provide to you the easiest way for you to create great looking designs on a variety of products that you purchase from Playmakers Wanted. We have invested significant time and resources into our template designs and the functionality of the Online Designer. You agree by using the Online Designer that any designs which you create using the Online Designer or any images taken from this site, remain the property of Playmakers Wanted and that you will not use them for any purpose other than working with Playmakers Wanted.

By uploading the attached media file you hereby affirm and represent that you have personally and diligently determined that said media file does not contain any elements which, if reproduced, would violate any intellectual property right or license agreement pertaining to such elements OR that reproduction, sale, or distribution of the content contained in the attached media file will be permissible pursuant to an actual and executed contractual agreement between all relevant parties. By uploading this attached media file, you further agree to indemnify and hold harmless PLAYMAKERS WANTED for any liability incurred as a result of any misrepresentation made.